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Moksh Agarbatti

Incense Stick Supplier, Manufacturer, Dealer and Distributor in India

Having been in the industry of incense sticks manufacturing since 1996, Moksh Agarbatti is a name that has earned the respect, goodwill and faith of its consumers and competitors alike. The Founders, Mr. Sesh Kiran Ashiya and Mr. Anand Kumar Ashiya through their hard work, dedication, farsightedness, and dynamism made the company into one of the most trusted and popular brands of our times.

The company creates and supplies incense sticks of world class quality that are way ahead of their competitors in terms of quality, fragrance and lasting ability. Each incense stick is created with utmost care with the objective of delivering nothing but the best. Currently offering 35 varieties of incense sticks in different undertones- fruity, floral, oriental, premium, woody, cosmetic, florabatti. Moksh Agarbatti has introduced various novel and unique fragrances such as Swarna Champa, Swarna Gulab, Swarna Mogra, Swarna Lavender, Swarna Kasturi, Swarna Chandan, Akash Phool etc. In 2015, Moksh aims to achieve an annual turnover of Rs. 200 crore, a feat highly impressive and remarkable.

The brand envisions a future wherein every Indian household uses Moksh Agarbattis to make their prayers more pure and divine. Incense sticks not only sanctify your prayers but also uplift your mood, calm you down and even increase concentration. The holistic uses of incense sticks help one live a richer and fuller life which Moksh Agarbatti aspires to achieve.

About Company

“Moksh” a concept long embedded in the Hindu way of life, stands for the salvation of the soul. It is the ultimate renunciation that provides “mukti” from the circle of life and death. Living up to the meaning of the word, Moksh agarbatti has carved a niche for itself in the incense industry in no time.Founded in 1996 by Mr. Sesh Kiran Ashiya and Anand Kumar Ashiya as a partnership firm, the main objective of Moksh agarbatti was to manufacture superior quality and affordable incense sticks.

Mr. Sesh Kiran Ashiya

A self made person, Mr.Sesh Kiran Ashiya started his career as a selling agent for FMCG companies in 1975. He earned the goodwill of his principals, the trade for his integrity and hard work. Having gained insights on the tastes and preference of consumers, he started Moksh Agarbatti co in 1996 with his son Mr.Anand Kumar Ashiya. Initially The company was started with a work force of only twenty people. His humble approach with all stake holders, Moksh employees and trade helped him to achieve huge growth in a short span of time.

A keen enthusiast of fragrances, Mr.Ashiya takes personal interest in new product development. He introduced new brands Akash Phool & Samaj. His relentless efforts have made Akash Phool & Samaj the largest selling brands in their respective category. Not a person to rest on his laurels, Mr Sesh Kiran continues to take keen interest in developing brands with new fragrances & impactful packaging. Also to his credit, he has introduced five premium brands with pleasant fragrances. They are Moksh Rose, Moksh Sandal Wood, Moksh Heena, Moksh Salvation & Holy Prayer. These premium brands have been popular with consumers and leaders in their category.

A Person of simple living and high thinking, Mr Sesh Kiran is the source of inspiration for Moksh Agarbatti co family.

Mr. Anand Kumar Ashiya

A second generation entrepreneur, Mr Anand is a dynamic leader who never rests on the laurels of his father. He has achieved phenomenal growth for Moksh Agarbatti Co in just over a decade.

He has one of the best nose for fragrances in the industry, he has launched brands like Swarna Champa, High Life & Lucky Series. Today Swarna Champa is the No.1 Selling Champa Agarbatti. Also High Life & Lucky Series have become successful in a short span of time.

His never say die attitude has been a inspiration to the Moksh family. He has successfully transformed Moksh Agarbatti co from a family business to a professionally managed company. Today Moksh Agarbatti Co is managed by professionals in all departments. Mr.Anand is passionate and hands on in all the functions of the company, from product development to packaging, production to sales & marketing.

Moksh Agarbatti co is poised to phenomenal growth in India & worldwide under the dynamic leadership of Mr.Anand Kumar Ashiya.

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The monumental journey of Moksh Agarbatti- Incense Sticks Exporters and Dealers in India

From being a team of 20 workers manufacturing 2.5 lakh agarbattis a day, to being a workforce 600 personnel manufacturing 1.5 crore agarbattis per day, Moksh has come a long way since its inception due to its high quality incense sticks and remarkable services.

For the year 2012-13, the company achieved a turnover of Rs. 100 crore, a feat accomplished by very few in the industry. And by 2015, it has increased its target doubly, i.e. Rs. 200 crore annually.

Being the Bulk incense sticks manufacturers and exporters in Bangalore, India, the brand offers agarbattis in numerous flavors, each of which is well received and loved by the users. One can choose from a wide array of herbal, fruity, floral, oriental, woody, cosmetic fragrances such as Swarna Champa, Swarna Gulab, Swarna Mogra, Swarna Kasturi, Swarna Chandan, Swarna Kasturi, Swarna Ganesh, etc. Immensely loved and appreciated by people across India, Moksh Agarbatti is therefore also the leading Incense sticks exporter and trader based in Bangalore. These fragrance incense sticks manufacturer in Bangalore currently offers their brilliant product through 15 company depos and thousands of retail outlets. The production unit spreads over 2 lac sq. units houses an impressive number of staff and avant-garde machinery and technology. With 800 stock distribution centers, 19 company owned distribution centers, 4 factories and the impeccable and dynamic leadership of Mr. Sesh Kiran Ashiya and Anand Kumar Ashiya, the company is all set to achieve new heights globally.

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