Incense Sticks Industry

The Incense Sticks Industry in India

Incense sticks have always held a very prime position in the social and religious functions of India. Often considered to be the birthplace of incense sticks, India has become a leading name in the incense sticks global market. The Indian incense sticks industry mostly offers heritage scents, primarily dealing in floral, fruity, oriental and woody fragrances. With the global market undergoing radical changes, it is time for the Indian industry to adapt to the developments and grow simultaneously.

Wholesale incense sticks manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, exporters, dealers in India produce a diverse range of agarbattis, that serve the myriad religious, spiritual and meditation purposes. Used extensively across the world and acknowledged for their pure and soothing aroma, incense sticks have always been recognized as an important ingredient in making the experience more pure and sanctified. However, a major cause of concern is the quality of the incense sticks that are being widely produced. With substandard constituents and fragrances that do not last long, it is imperative for the buyer to know the difference between poor and good quality incense sticks.

Moksh Agarbattis, one of India’s leading wholesale incense sticks manufacturers, produces a variety of top quality incense sticks in diverse flavors such as woody, oriental, floral, fruity, herbal, etc. The unique and splendid fragrances are divine and burn longer, making the vicinity pure and sanctified. Based in Bangalore, the company is a prominent fragrance incense sticks manufacturer and produces world-class masala agarbattis, as well as incense sticks in the widely loved nag champa, rose and sandalwood flavors.

Therefore, it is wise to conclude that the incense sticks market in India is huge and creates employment opportunities for thousands of people. Since incense sticks are used in almost every household, the industry is sure to show greater development and progress in the future.

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